What is the purpose of a website?  As I revise my site I am uncertain whether to address my Artist Statement to new viewers or to my friends and patrons who periodically visit the site for a ‘jolt of excitement’.   I love to capture images that make me laugh or gasp or weep and I enjoy sharing those images with friends.   I delight in the technology that allows me to do all the things I do--the cameras, the computers , etc.  But most important is the 'eye' that of the photographer and that of the viewer.  Art is only art if it impacts your total being--- if you look with your 'eye' and your heart.


My photos, with the exception of the abstracts, reflect my delight in the world that I am privileged to experience during my travels.  I am certain that the photographs installed on your own walls will also delight you and your guests.


Each of the abstracts has as its genesis an actual photo that I have taken.  Then I ‘fadiddle around’ until the image often becomes something very different.  What I create speaks to me of the essence of the object or scene.  The question of interest to me is what does the abstract say to you, the viewer?  Look around the site and please email me your thoughts and reactions.
I can be reached at kler@rabinow.net or via Korologos Gallery, Basalt Colorado [art@korologos.com] for further information.   4/2018